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The Flowers


These are our big summer flower, and we grow more of them than anyone else in Australia. Lissies come in white, pink, green, purple, variegated pink, variegated purple, cream and yellow.

Season: October through to May.


Gyp, sometimes called Baby's Breath, is the most well known of filler flowers. We are the leading growers of Gypsophila; the high light, warm days and cool nights of the region are the perfect formula for perfect Gyp.

Season: Year round.

Oriental Lily

Our Oriental Lilies are hybrids of Lilium auratum and Lilium speciosum. Their big flowers open up to be star-shaped, with a strong sweet scent. 

Season: May through to October.

Asiatic Lily

We import the Asiatic Lily bulbs from Holland and grow them in specially quarantined greenhouses. Murchison has the perfect light levels for growing Asiatic Lilies, and we are able to grow them throughout autmun.

Season: April through to June.


Traditionally a popular Australian garden flower, Snaps have become a standard cut flower, and our farm produces them throughout winter. They come in a range of vibrant and glorious colours ranging from deep burgundy through to pink, white, yellow, and orange.

Season: May through to October.


Our Iron Stock seeds are imported from Japan, where they're bred to have hard stems and a high petal count. They come in pink, purple, white, yellow and are available through the colder months.

Season: May through to August.

Ornamental Kale

Kale has become extremely popular all over the world in recent years. More a vegetable than a flower, Kale forms a tight cabbage-like flower in either white, purple or pink. They grow well throughout autumn, thanks to its early warmth, and late frost, which produces an amazing flower.

Season: May through to June.


Our Delphiniums grow tall and lush, and come in blue and white. Currently a commercial trial crop, they have proved popular this season, and we are looking at a larger crop for next year.

Season: June through to September.

Disbudded Chrysanthemum

An old, and thus very varied flower, Chrysanthemums are extremely popular. Our Disbudded Chryssies are acheived by removing all but the centre bud, so that the plant puts all its nutrients and energy into growing a large, spectaular flower. Grown especially for the huge Mothers' Day trade, our Disbuds come in white, pink, and yellow.

Season: Mother's Day.

Sweet William


Part of our smaller seasonal crops, Sweet William is grown through late winter and into spring. Its flowers are bright and come in a range of pinks and reds, as well as purple and white.

Season: June through to October.


With its odd coral-like flower, Celosia is becoming a popular choice with florists. It adds an inspired quirk to any bouquet, and is available throughout summer.

Season: December through to February.


Sometimes called Queen Anne's Lace, Ammi is proving to be a good crop with its great strike rate, simple care, and wild greenery.

Season: June through to July.